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Over the weekend, I wrote 2000 words on Saturday and then took Sunday off.  Perhaps a silly thing to do considering all the upcoming events, but when I sat down on Sunday, I just couldn’t make myself write.  Happens sometimes.  Today I’ve done 2000 and I have intention of working tonight.  As it stands right now, NaNo Progress:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
20,051 / 50,000

Got laundry done, and the apartment almost has a semblance of order.  Just in time for us to head off to San Diego.  How peripatetic of us.  I’m slowly feeling better.  I need to go running tomorrow.  I’ve pretty much hit my goal weight.  Now it will be a matter of maintaining it.  I just bought new jeans.  It would be nice if they stay comfortable for a while at least.

Not feeling spiffy.  Mild cold, PMS, and minor disc injury.  I’ve spent most of the day wanting to be back in bed. Thus far I’ve managed 1684 NaNo words and a little apartment clean up.  Not sleeping well.  Dreamt last night of smoking.

Tonight Eric and I are working.  At least that’s the plan.  I need another scene that I’m excited to write.  I’m due, I figure.

MonkeyFilter has an interesting set of links this morning about text language and the debate in Scotland and New Zealand about whether it should be allowed on exams. 

On one hand, languages change over time.  You could argue that the term is evolution, but I’ll settle for ‘change.’  And some of text language will creep into English as a whole.  It’s inevitable.  But…  First there’s the issue using written language that is appropriate to your audience and situation.  Exams aren’t talking to your friends.  The language used should reflect that.  Second, language should be clear.  I’m sure if I would have owned a cell phone since I was ten that I could decipher text-speak with the best of them.  In fact, that first link seems to suggest that text-speak may in fact mimic some of the benefits of learning a second language.  That’s a theory I’d like to see played out.  But when reading the Hamlet quote in text-speak (in the Scotland article), I honestly read “tAk armz agnst a C f trblz” as “take arms against a sea of tribbles” which, while futile, makes sense to me.  The language is not clear.  And lastly, these exams aren’t being administered via mobile phone, are they?  The abbreviations are meant to reduce the amount of letters used to make thumb-shift typing easier.  It is no easier to type ‘l8tr’ than ‘later’ or ‘armz’ than ‘arms’ on my QWERTY keyboard.  And it’s only a marginal difference when writing longhand.  I’m not sure if it’s really a matter of student laziness as it is something to annoy certain adults (like me).

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
11,515 / 50,000

Done a little earlier and with fewer words added tonight. It was tough getting started today. And then tough continuing after disc.

Now a shower and reading.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
9,013 / 50,000

Slooowly catching up on the NaNo.  Unfortunately for the word count, but in every other way, we’re going to go see Chris in San Diego on the 18th &19th.  There’s a party for Magda on the 17th, and Eric’s parents and Aunt Kathy will be visiting the 21st through the 27th.  So, it’s likely I might get caught up in time to get behind again.

Yes, I voted.  Last week in fact by early ballot.  So does this mean the ugly banners on the corners will make way for the Christmas tree stands, my mailbox will no longer be filled with the remains of dread trees, and I will get 99% few phone calls in a day since no one will want to know my thoughts?  Good…

Despite a minor case of con crud, I did go for a run today.  4.8 miles.  Felt good while I was doing it, but has left me pretty tired.  Time to take a book to bed.  I’m currently reading Bret Easton Ellis’ Lunar Park.  Ellis completely walks the line between compelling and utterly boring.  An amazing feat.

World Fantasy Con: 
The panels were maybe not quite as good as those in Wisconsin, but the socializing in the consuite made up for that.  I must say FACT kept a nice spread going and did what they could with a pretty small suite.  Had conversations with David Coe and

 that have made us, and Eric especially, rethink our views of short stories and their usefulness.  I feel sorry for Eric today because he’s going to have to get up and go to work when I know he’ll want to plow on through with the story he started yesterday.

The goodie bags were nice.  Both the bags themselves, which make an excellent carry-on with zipper and all, and the book haul.  Also I got The Line Between signed (yay!), and bought Bradbury’s Farewell Summer, a book I didn’t realize existed.

The con hotel was pretty, but rather cold.  I decided, before falling asleep Wednesday night that I’d bring my ‘velvet’ shawl that I’ve worn once in the past, since I wasn’t bring a jacket along.  “It’s going to be in the 60s,” I thought.  “I’ll be fine with just long sleeves.”  Living in Tempe, one tends to forget exactly what temperature 60 is.  The hotel we stayed in was cheaper and still nice, a place Eric stays when he’s in Austin on business.  We had a kitchenette and they offer an honor-system snack bar.  And the bed was comfy!  I slept pretty well the entire stay.  I also took advantage of their gym.  Especially considering that I decided to ignore my diet after Thursday.

Only had one panic attack.

To work today.  You know, that NaNo thing…

And oh, AC has a new article up by me:  Five Ways to Snack Healthier.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
3,510 / 50,000

We got back from WFC at about 8pm.  Made some quick, tasty chili and watched American Outlaws, a somewhat silly Western filled with pretty boys.  This movie needs to be sporked.  Wrote some on NaNo Project.  Eric’s working on a short story, feverishly.  More on WFC tomorrow.  Now sleeep…