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The Weordan Series. There, I’ve said it.

WIP meme, Weordan edition:

Model Species
“The old man doubled over in pain as his stomach cramped violently.”
106,435 words
Polishing, polishing while the other works clarify more details.

Alcander short story:
Eric’s project.  I know nothing…nothing!

Falling Star:
“It was the perfect night for charting.”
39,175 words
Eric’s going to be reading and culling the garbage out of this NaNo 2006 project, and then we’ll probably push through and finish it up.  It has been useful in figuring out religion in the Theocracy, and I’m interested in seeing how Marie develops.  The tentative goal is to do another 30K in December on this.  Maybe.

Moth short story:
“Winter was coming, he could feel it in his wings and in the tips of his legs.”
3662 words
Rough.  Needs rewrite, polish, and, um, plot!  Was I planning on doing this in December too?

Divine Fire:
“For an instant, when Hugo came to consciousness, he felt blissfully well.”
29,645 words
This is the sequel to Falling Star, or maybe Falling Star is its prequel.  *shrug*  It’s really been 30K hard-fought words.  I’m going to do some quick (yeah, right) religious additions to it in December.

Fuel Eater:
“There was no natural light in the cavern, just the trail of light emetanisms that stretched back toward the day.”
25,764 words
AKA NaNo 2005.  Very rough.  Everything we’re doing now will impact this novel eventually.  No work planned for this one in the near future.

It does me good to take a huge chunk of time to organize what is going on.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.
Also need to keep getting Lucinda and Joanne out to publisher/agents, and there’s those flash pieces that I haven’t kicked back out the door lately.