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Tomorrow, league finals and Martha’s party.  We’ve already lost our first game of pool play, so it doesn’t look good for us.  But, you never know.  If anything, I’m looking forward to playing hard and having some fun.  Need to do a small shopping trip before all that to get Gatorade at very least.  I need a trip to Target too.  And we need to shop for books for the nieces-and-nephew. 

Eric ordered a laptop earlier in the week and we got it today.  Alas, it seems to have an administrator login already set, and we have no way of finding out the password or restoring the software or hardware.  That baby is going back.

Didn’t finish the scene I should have been writing today.  No excuse for it, really.  I’m just restless and distracted.

Thus far, December hasn’t been as relaxing as I would have hoped.