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Finished the stuff I needed to do on Model Species.  Only two days behind where I wanted to be.  Next up is Divine Fire rewrites.

Wrapped, packed, and sent Christmas gifts yesterday.  Finished up the Christmas cards too.

I’d kinda like to do this, or at least see if I could.  The half marathon, that is.  Alas, $85 entry fee that is better used elsewhere.  Maybe next year.

The conclusion of league finals was good.  We beat up the two Tuesday teams, but good.  Everyone played so well, that it’s really a shame we didn’t play that well on Thursday.  But, there’s something nice about playing two games and then sitting back to eat a hamburger and do some drinking.  Brad brought rum and Coke, so that’s what I had instead of beer.  Less calories all in all.  I haven’t decided whether I want to captain again in the spring.  Might be nice to get picked rather than do the picking.  Will be on a NYF team though.  Joanne and Pauline are organizing.

Didn’t do any drinking at Martha’s party.  We were both so tired though.  We did stay until about 12:30 though.  I am eating many goodies.

Now I’m just being lazy in that December haze kind of way.  Disc tomorrow.  Eric’s off after Friday.  Chris will be in town Saturday night.  Sounds like we’ll be doing a Christmas-y thing with Mark, etc.  Right now, I should do some reading, but Oblivion sounds nicer.  I’ve been missing the EverQuack.