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Chicory.  I have a feeling that it is evil and causes migraines to occur.  Gingerbread spice tea, I thought, that sounds nicely seasonal while I read some The Black Cauldron work hard on my rewrites.  I bet it’s the ‘spice’ in Trader Joe’s chocolate tea too.

Let there be Christmas music.  And there was…  Yearly, I end up restoring my computer.  Yearly, I don’t reload my Christmas music until December.

Hey, where in this new post setup is my userpic option?  Oh, it’s up there now.

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My internet is crappy today. It’s annoying me. How am I supposed to properly procrastinate rewrites without the internet? I need to add religion to Divine Fire. Not looking forward to it. 

Yes, I’m just whining.

Tired.  I went out to Freescale early and ran a mile or so before disc.  I slept like the dead last night, probably because I had insomnia the night before.

Wanna write.  Just out and out.  Wanna read.  Just for an hour or two on end.  *sigh*