Book #26
The Black Cauldron, Lloyd Alexander

By the time I was ten years old, I no longer went to see movies with my grandpa. At least not ‘kid’ movies. So while I had seen every Disney re-release, The Last Unicorn, and The Black Hole, I missed The Black Cauldron. Never saw it on video either. Although I thought it looked cool, fantasy wasn’t very well respected in my household, unlike science fiction. That’s probably the main reason I never read any Lloyd Alexander either. I’m sorry about the not-reading. The not-watching, maybe not so much. (THAT’s Gurgi???)

It’s a good kid’s book. Probably, more to the point, a good boy’s book, unless as a girl reader you’re okay adopting some of the values of ‘manhood.’ And that’s okay with me. Up until only a few years ago I was pretty much gender blind in my reading until I realized that, even though I identified with his protagonists, Ray Bradbury rarely (never?) had a young girl character. *shrug*

New York Gets Ready to Count Calories   It’s going to be interesting to see how this works out.  There’s a possibility that it’s going to take some time, and that the effect will be subtle.  The key piece of information that people are missing is how many calories should you be eating.  According to a very rough FitDay estimate, if I do no exercise in a day, I burn 1900 calories.  If I follow the RDA of 2000 calories, I’m going to gain weight.  So really, for most people, it’s just going to be a shame factor.  Do you really need to eat the 1200 calorie burger?  Does shame really work?
Also a comparative article on the trans fat ban.

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