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Book #27
Farewell Summer by Ray Bradbury

The cover reads “The Eagerly Anticipated Sequel to Dandelion Wine.”  Dandelion Wine is my favorite Bradbury book.  Really, any novel of his, especially if it’s on the barely creepy side, rank as my favorite literature.  Yet, I never thought to myself, “I’d really love a sequel.”  And I think sequel isn’t the right word.  Companion would be better.  Bradbury treads over much of the same ground as many of his other stories, as most writers do in one way or another.  What makes Bradbury always seem fresh though is that…  It’s like walking down a street you’ve walked down hundreds of times and suddenly noticing something new, like the way a tree branch is shaped and how the cracks in the pavement seem to spell out some message if you stood still long enough to read them but you walk on by.  In the afterword, Bradbury says he likes to be startled by his characters, and these moments come through.