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Calendars have been bought.  Mr. Gorey for the wall and Eats, Shoots & Leaves for the desk.  Of course, it’s going to be a while before I get back to me desk.  TigerDirect has canceled our order and is refunding us the cost of the system.  Not the shipping though.  Even if it is their fault that it didn’t work in the first place.  So, boo TigerDirect.  Eric’s thinking about buying/putting together a cheap-o system instead.  In the land of Chris’s laptop, we probably won’t be getting it this weekend.  He starts training next week and will be harder to get a hold of.

Off to check out The Town Drunk for submission possibility.  I’ve got 3600 on the moths, but it needs work.

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Disc today was good and wanted.  I didn’t play particularly well, but it was good to run around with other people in the sunshine and mud.  Beautiful weather.  Tomorrow night women’s practices begin.  I wonder how the turn out will be.  Really, a mere month of practices is only good for judging participation level, and not much more.  I guess there’s a possibility that the ‘A’ team will follow through with some of blAZe’s plays, who knows.  Updated the Huckwallas page, though it should probably be changed to non-Huckwallas.

Mail today (’cause it was a pretty decent mail day):
~Blockbuster sent me a non-cracked copy of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.  They’ve bee very good about replacing discs quickly, thus far.  “No time for broken DVDs, Dr. Jones!”
~Got my card tricks book from PaperbackSwap.  The lady who sent it gave new meaning to tape.  But the book is in perfect condition, so “Tape On, Ms. H.  (And you know I just had to use this shiny, new icon.)
~Also received the jogging pants I bought on-line with Christmas money.  Alas, they are too big.  As kind of annoying as it is, I like things being too big.  I still way over-estimate my size.  At least, I can return them in store, and Target is very good about returns.

Got some free writing done.  I’m starting to *think* about work.  Not pleasant thoughts…  I figure I should work on both the rewrites and the short story at the same time.  Otherwise, I’m likely to go nutty.

Maybe, I’ll get a calendar or two tonight…  Ooo…