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Did a lot of housework today.  Broke down the Christmas tree and tidied the storeroom.  Laundry, vacuuming.  And the apartment feels better.  ‘Course the back room is a mess considering that Eric is currently working on his computer.  And it’s going to be a while before I get out of here, considering that RAM isn’t at a good price currently, and Eric’s still arguing with TigerDirect.

In the land of work, I added a few rewritten things to “Personal Trustworthiness.”  Need to get that done, polished, and out the door but soon.  As for my flash pieces, after looking at some guidelines/back issues, I don’t think I’ll be sending them where I thought I’d be sending them.  I need to give Ralan a good hard look.

In the land of disc, practice last night was good.  We had 24 women show up which was more than I’ve seen at a practice since my early days of disc.  There’s some good women, probably from blAZe, that attended.  If they decide to do competitive league, limited to only 20 women, there might not be a spot for me.  On a similar note, Joanne emailed me today and asked if I’d like to be a co-captain for the New Year Fest B team.  Kind of cool in that didn’t-figure-I’d-be-on-A-team-anyway kind of way.

It’s windy here tonight.  At about 5pm, some very dark, impressive looking clouds rolled in.  No rain though, just aching joints.