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Spent a good while looking at markets.  Found several flash markets…that open in February.  I’ll take the opportunity to look over my short pieces again.  Also an interesting poetry lead.  And a very promising lead for Lucinda at the Window I’ve also added a new tag this year: followthrough.  It’s a tag I should refer to often to prompt me to follow through with writing/publishing plans.

Now off to work on the Phoenix Women’s Ultimate Page.

I don’t like choosing my user pic at the top of the page.  It’s a decision that goes along with Mood and Noise, not separate from it.

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Via WiseGeek: What does 200 calories look like?
Pretty photography, though a comparison object in picture would have been nice.

Wrote an AC article yesterday and then spent the rest of the day in an EverQuack haze.  Didn’t update here, didn’t free-write, didn’t look up any markets.  After a get a little coffee in to me I’ll do both of the later, and maybe work on the new, improved women’s ultimate pages.  I’d like to go out an play some disc this afternoon, but we’ll see what happens.  I should probably DM some for Eric.  We were both up way late again and he’s still sleeping.