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Since it was bothering me in my sleep, I spent the morning working on the new website for women’s ultimate.  I switched everything over except for the photos pages, which need additions.  Keith has given me access to, so I can migrate the pages and have them hosted by their server.  (Doh, just noticed a couple stray lizard that need to go.)

Queried the publisher and the agent I hadn’t heard from in six months.  Eric took a look another look at “Personal Trustworthiness” and it seems like it’s ready to go.  Now, I just need to send it.  *cough*  After a final read through.

Ordered pills.

I made a trip to the post office, and then kept going.  The weather is *so* nice.  I walked to CVS and bought birthday cards and availed myself of their 90% off Christmas stuff.

Left to do still:
Free Writing

Don’t know what I want for dinner.  Something…tomato.