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So, I think I mentioned the problems with our laptop order.  To recap:
We received our laptop from TigerDirect on the 8th of December.  There was an administer login already set that couldn’t be changed.  Eric called TigerDirect.  They claimed it wasn’t their fault, but gave us a return exception–15 days to get it back to them via FedEx.  Eric then called HP the same night.  They said, not verbatim, ‘It is so TigerDirects fault, but yeah, if you could restore from an OS disk…”  So Eric fired off an email to TigerDirect asking for an OS disk since we had none.  No reply.  Next week, time is growing short, Eric had given up pestering TigerDirect for a disk and had started pestering them for the paid shipping label.  Which he got.  We sent the thing back on Dec. 14.  Fast forward another week.  The day before we  had to have shipped the laptop back…  Eric gets an email from TigerDirect saying that an OS disk is in the mail, via UPS Overnight.  Too bad we sent the computer back to them the week before, huh?  Well, on the 22, no OS disk arrives.  On the 23, 26, 27…  No disk.  Around that point I gave up thinking about it.  Last week, TigerDirect informed Eric that they would not be sending us a replacement, but would be refunding us the cost (but not the shipping).  Needless to say, TigerDirect is getting more emails from Eric.  And today?  Yes, I got a smallish box from TigerDirect marked Extremely Urgent Next Day vis UPS.  Don’t know whether to laugh of cry at that.
(Some of my detail maybe sketchy.  Eric’s got the whole story.  I’m just writing this to procrastinate rewrites.)
Edit: After another phone call, our laptop has been fixed and will be sent back to us maybe by the end of this week, more like next week.  I’ll believe it when the flaky UPS guy brings it.

Haven’t gotten too much done yet today.  Read through, formatted, and submitted “Personal Trustworthiness.”  Free wrote.  Did some minor fiddling with web pages and hard drive space. 

Need to get to work on Divine Fire stuff.  Yug.