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Disc today was better than disc yesterday.  I was a little too tense last night and the throws and cuts were pretty sub-par.  Today, much better.  ‘Course I was the only girl, but we did play five on four with me being the extra player.  Even considering a few pretty stinky mis-throws, still better than last night.  We’ll see how tomorrow night is when my legs are really, really tired.

Writing.  Yeah.  I decided to prepare for Divine Fire religion additions by re-reading what I had written thus far on Falling (Fallen?) Star.  I set up a nice hierarchical page of topics covered.  Do I know how to procrastinate or what?

Other than finishing that up, I did some minor chores.  I could be working more on Divine Fire.  Or I could put the ladies frisbee pages to bed.  I want to play EverCrack.

Eric’s working on creating a GURPS campaign for me.  I could finish making my character too.

Should also read.  I haven’t finished a book yet in January.