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Things that are good:

  • Seattle’s Best Cinnabon Coffee.  For all I know, all of Seattle’s best might be good, but the Cinnabon is all I’ve had thus far.  Very tasty, but mild.
  • Carnivale.  Creepy, great looking, generally unused setting.  It only lasted two seasons and did not finish.  *sigh*  It’s like having a box of chocolates, really good chocolates, the best you ever had, and knowing that the company that made them went out of business, and the five pieces you have left are all that ever will be.  You have to eat them.  Their only purpose is to be eaten.  But when they’re gone, they’re gone.  Except I can always rewatch Carnivale.

From the NYT: When It’s Okay to Run Hurt.  There’s some interesting bits in the article, including when is better to use an anti-inflammatory.  I think I’ll cut my usage down to one pill.  I haven’t been practicing with may cards lately.

Doing laundry, working on Divine Fire rewrites.  Need to do some free writing and above mentioned card work.  Practice is going to be tough tonight.

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Phoenix Women’s Ultimate now has brand new pages.  I might link to them in a day or so when I give VOTS’ bandwidth a rest.  I know nothing about Java, so it was interesting, trying to figure out how to change the link from the main page.  I could have sent Keith an e-mail and had him do it.  But I didn’t take the girly way out.

I really should go to sleep now…