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Thus far, I will admit, I haven’t gotten very much done.  I took several bras back to K-Mart, traded in Highlander Season Four, Disc 1 for The Illusionist at Blockbuster, and bought a pair of running pants from Savers.  All in all, a five mile walk.  Since getting home I’ve eaten and…  Damn, I’m tired today.  It’s probably a cumulation of long nights and more exercise this week than in the previous month combined.  It’s rather wintery today.  Meaning 52 degrees with wind and a chance of light rain.

Work:  No love for “Personal Trustworthiness,” but oh well.  I had to try.  Got to page 50 (of 154) on Divine Fire re-writes.  I really *should* get to 100 today.  Didn’t manage to do any free writing yesterday, and haven’t yet today.  Maybe I’ll combine a warm bath and writing.

Practice last night was eh.  I ended up throwing with a very new player and didn’t get to test out Jeff’s forehand method.  Also got a glimpse of what B team will be like.  Stacking looks like the biggest problem so far.  Today, my butt and the backs of my knees are sore.