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  • Spent too much time playing with DVD software.
  • Perused some samplers and lists.  Falls under the banner of market research.
  • Read “Petition to Repatriate Geronimo’s Skull” by F. Brett Cox.  Might as well keep track of the short stories too and make this #1.
  • Did my free writing, which is becoming more and more novel related.
  • Been working on Divine Fire additions.

Received laptop.  The people at TigerDirect are proving themselves to be morons.  I don’t say things like that lightly, but after sending us one laptop with a problem, would you send another laptop with the same problem and not expect to be called a moron?  (Or perhaps it’s the same laptop, despite any testing they might have done, or said to have done.)  I’m disappointed and frustrated and sorry that Eric has to spend more time and energy on this.

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Well, there was a plan for this weekend.  We were going to get some work done, I was going to DM, Eric was going to DM, we were only going to play a little bit of EverQuest…  Yesterday, we played all day long.  We hardly left our chairs.  We ordered out for pizza, which we haven’t done in ages.  But it was just nice and fun and easy.  On the weekends, that isn’t bad.

I did manage to free write both Saturday and Sunday, and read some Mystic River.

Our laptop maybe delivered today or tomorrow.  It’s in Phoenix, says the tracking.  This means I need to get properly dressed soon, stay in the apartment, and not listen to my music too loud.  Lately, it seems like delivery people (the USPS included) knock once, lightly, and are gone a second later.

It’s been cold.  A relative term, but cold for here.  Out of all the clouds since Thursday, we didn’t get any rain.

I need to back off on the caffeine, but manage to not get a headache.  That’s going to be a balancing act…