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Book #1 – Mystic River by Dennis Lehane

Picked this up on a whim from PaperbackSwap. I had been meaning to read it for a while to see how the movie deviated from the book. To see how ‘literary’ the book is, especially considering the ending. Truth is, it’s not very ‘literary’ in that strange academically vague way ‘literary’ books often seem to be. It’s a solid crime drama that’s more twisty than most. Lehane has a lovely clean style. It’s almost a short-story style without an overage of words. Unfortunately, I’ve seen the movie so that taints just how much of my vision is from it and how much is from Lehane’s prose. The characters are much more likable in the book. They are given slightly better motive for acting as they do, since the reader is given more of their thoughts. My one problem:

In the end, when Johnny O’Shea holds the gun on Sean, Lehane brings up violence in video games and how, you know, kids today, psycho from all the Doom they play… It’s a line of thought that doesn’t ring true. In the midst of talking about neighborhood and gentrification, the video game line just doesn’t have any basis. Lehane never brings up the next generation growing up in this neighborhood, until he needs them. If he would have given them more grounding earlier in the book…

I am back at my pretty, pretty desk in the not-as-messy front room.  Fortunately *cough*, we had discs to help restore our laptop.  It is now fully functional.  And since we don’t have a bag for it, I won’t be taking it to the library this afternoon when I go.