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Played disc at noon after skipping practice last night.  It was just so cold.  I hate playing in the cold.  I was unusually out of breath today.  Just had a hard time running.  Nothing spectacular to note, throw-wise.

Did a little bit of apartment cleaning. 

Lots of reading, it seems.  I went to the library yesterday and brought home another six books even though I only read one of the previous bunch all the way through.  I do that often.  It’s like impulse buying.  Only much cheaper. 

Finished Divine Fire rewrites (for now), and spent time making a mock-up cover.  So of course tomorrow I’ll start work on Falling Star again.  At least, that’s the plan.  I think.  I’ll need to do some cutting, structuring, and notes on what’s wrong.  The usual.  I need a cover for it.  And an icon.  Did my free writing, turning around silly useless idea.  Still haven’t written either of the other AC articles I’m considering.

Restless right now, at this moment.  Probably the energy drink I had earlier.  I think I’ll read and practice my cards.