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Okay.  I’m mostly, kinda sorta packed for the trip.  Still not happy about it considering I’m way tired and six hours on the road, in the dark,  does not sound like any sort of fun.  Also, I have one of my lovely earaches.

Finished what I wanted to get done on Falling Star.  Now I know what needs to be done and where.  I cut about 3000 words.  Need to confer with Eric about what might be cut from the remaining 37,000.  Remember this was formerly a NaNo.  Fear the padding.

Rosters have been posted for NYF.  Flatball PHX-ation (aka the B team) is thinner than I thought it would be.  We’ll scrimmage A v. B next week, and I’ll figure out who can handle and who shouldn’t.  I am also in charge of the money…oooOOooo.

I don’t exactly know when Eric’s getting home, so I’m torn between taking a nap or free writing.

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Tomorrow we’re going to Cornado to take Chris his computer.  I’m not really in the mood to go, for numerous reasons, but, hey, what am I going to do?  Just busy and really didn’t want to deal with a spur of the moment plan.  And there’s always hopes I’d get something done on the weekend, which won’t happen at all away from home.  Being out in the front room probably makes me more hermit-y.

Next weekend is New Year Fest.

Did some free writing this morning.  Did some planning for an AC article, which I didn’t finish.  Started work on shaping Falling Star up, but didn’t get that done either.

Did laundry.

Frisbee practice was alright.  We went over zone, and I think I finally understand the trapping set up.

I should go to bed.  I’m beat.