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Did you know there was an American Pie Council?  Happy Pie Day.
And The Most Popular Science Myths.

Took a look at “Eaters of Dust” (one of my Flash pieces) and did a bit of a re-write.  It’s all spiffy for February submissions.  I’ll take a look at the other one later on in the week.  Did free writing and free drawing.  There were some interesting trees along the beach that I’d like to remember for a later date.  I’m still amazed by the deja vu feeling I get when we drive along the 75.

Short story #2: Read BSFA shortlister “Sounding” by Elizabeth Bear.

Also, catching up on Heroes.  Without actually watching the videos.  They need a few more blond men.  Too many dark-haired beefy guys.  It’s confusing for someone that only looks at the screen occasionally.  Why am I catching up with Heroes?  Christopher Eccleston will be joining the cast.  Alas, though balding, less beefy, and British, he will also be invisible.  (At least that’s what I hear.)  While I’m dubious of their plots being totally worked out, I do like the superhero aspect.  It’s nice seeing such a gaming trope being given a dramatic, non-cheesy treatment.

Time for lunch.  I’ll settle for pizza-pie.

I need to work my cards.  My hands are stiff.