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Putting aside Tamara Thorne’s The Forgotten after 50 pages. 

This was a book I bought after reading the first bit via  It starts out with a psychologist counseling a patient who thinks his penis is talking to him and the ominous event of hundreds of crows crashing throw the psychologist’s office window.  And then…lots and lots and entirely too many character bits are fed to the reader with no other action occurring.  I don’t want three paragraph of the psychologist thinking about his totally completely utterly platonic relationship with the female veterinarian character.  Show me it!  I certainly don’t want the conversation where people who’ve known the psychologist for years ask him why he named his not-new cats Freud, Jung, and Rorschach.  This conversation happened so long ago for these characters that it should be old hat.  Thorne is laying out backstory with only a cursory nod to plot with people thinking, “Animals have been acting weird lately.”  It’s 90% tell and 10% show and I’m not interested enough to keep going.  Reading the back of the book, it sounds like this story is being started way too early.

I should kick Eric out of bed.  We need to do some shopping before the decent into gaming…