The new episode of Doctor Who is 22 shades of awesome.

Also, disc one of Hustle is heading my way, finally.

Work is…work.  I’m in that top-of-the-month flurry.

I’m so terrible at social stuff…  I got a message from one of my female team members expressing some unhappiness, and I really don’t know what to do or say.  I’ve had two season of disc when I was quite unhappy.  One was completely, utterly my attitude that made it so.  That was En Fuego.  I had got it into my head that I was a pretty good player, and therefore, I could not accept any mistake I made.  The fact of the matter is that I was not a good player.  I was less that two years into playing the sport (any sport) and I was slower than I am now, and my hands fairly sucked.  My expectations for myself far exceeded my abilities.  I spent the season very disappointed.  Somehow, I got out of that mind frame.  I don’t remember how, but after that my love for playing grew into the obsession it is today.  The other time I was unhappy, and it was an earlier team than En Fuego, was the team’s fault.  The top end of the team were good competitive players that had played together some.  I and at least one other player felt that we were pretty much not needed.  I don’t recall getting called off the field or limited in play or looked off more than usual, but the attitude was there.  I hope that we’re not that kind of team.  But…  I know this player might feel somewhat slighted, though probably not with good reason.  I just wish I could download the stuff I’ve figured out about playing and give it to her.  Not technical stuff, but the sort of wisdom stuff, like, it’s hard to throw to girls, so work hard at getting open and even then, you might not get the disc and really, honestly, there’s nothing to be learned by playing against someone who is so much better than you that she’s going to make you look silly.  Just be able to tell her without it sounding patronizing or condescending.  I just want to let her know that everyone started out as a newbie and it will get  better and we really do want her playing with us.


Time to get some dinner together.

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  1. News Flash

    I get it thrown to me less than half of the time that I have an open cut toward the thrower. There are so many things that can confound a throw being made. The thrower may be looking down field or for a dump. The marker might do something to take the throwing lane away during your cut. The thrower may not be ready to make the throw to you at that moment. The thrower may not be confident in the throw they have to make. You may not be as open as you think. Not getting the disc doesn’t mean people are looking you off. The thrower may also be irritated with you making poor cuts into the lane and clogging. It isn’t simple, and taking it personally when you don’t get the disc is not going to help you.

    We play sports for fun, but the essence of sport is competition.

  2. Dr Who

    Glad you like Dr.who – an awesome new series here in the UK from the first two seasons with Billie Piper and now the third series just starting. You have alot to look forward to.

    1. Re: Dr Who

      I’m a Who fan from childhood. My mom and I used to watch them on PBS here in the states. It was fun to be able to watch some of the new episodes with her last time I was home, though we’re officially delayed a series. I’ve been able to *cough* catch up using other means though.

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