Awake early due to too much beer and not enough water after disc last night.

Game went well last night.  We won handily, though we let up a bit in the second half.  In all, decent playing.  During our pre-game drill, I took a disc to the face.  It hit right below my right eye.  Eye-height seems to be a particularly difficult height to catch at.  I basically reached up to catch it, two-handed pancake  style, and completely missed it.  My cheek has bruised up, and will probably darken more as it heals because it’s quite sore.  I’ll just be happy that it was Jee who threw the disc and not Tom.  That could have been really painful.

Thinking about going to the library today.  Not that I couldn’t stand to do a few things around the apartment, but I have books due and it might be nice to go out.  Or not.

Work’s going fairly well, for the moment.  I’m working my way through scenes, pumping up the language, cleaning up some plot bits.  I should get Joanne out to some agents.  I made a list of possibles, but I need to do more research.  Just a…daunting task.

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