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Fought ants yesterday.  There’s still a few left, it seems.  They’re only in the bathroom.

Working, working.  There’s one stubborn paragraph that isn’t behaving.  Doing some rewrites to set up a new scene.  It’s so much fun changing circumstances to make things work out to my benefit.  Okay, I guess it is safe to call that playing god.

Grr.  Sparkly in my eye.  Good thing I’m already drinking some french roast.  From Starbuck’s.  I didn’t buy it.  But, it’s pretty good.  If you make it like normal coffee is made rather than the insane double amount of grounds that the package suggests.

I’m taking a week off from running.  Give my parts a chance to be happy.  I might go out and throw some discs later though, when I need to get out and move.  Of course, I will be playing disc this week.  Can’t not play disc.