I’m stressed and therefore experiencing insomnia.

Eric and I are reevaluating what the emotional content of every scene I’ve written for Divine Fire and deciding whether the scenes live up to the criteria.  Much rewriting needs to be done, and I’m over-whelmed.  I really need to get some work done today, even though my every urge is to avoid work and read.

Disc double-header tonight.  We get to play two of the tougher teams.  Should be exhausting and fun.  Showers and winds are predicted, but I wouldn’t bet on it happening.  If anything, the weather here rarely lives up to the prediction.  I was catching everything yesterday.  I usually don’t experience that until later in PMS.

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  1. Eric and I are reevaluating what the emotional content of every scene I’ve written for Divine Fire and deciding whether the scenes live up to the criteria.

    Good call — rip those scenes to shreds and make ’em stronger. Remember, everyone should do at least two of these three things: advance character, build tension, or advance the plot. If you can do all three, even better.

    1. I know it will make the novel better, but…oh…the…pain…

      Yeah, I just have to shake off the ego blows, repeat “I will not die because my MS is in shreds,” and get my arse in gear.

      Thanks, .

    2. I am responding more because your post set me to thinking about the details behind the gist of your post. I find that going through the process of presenting my thoughts to someone else, I gain a stronger understanding of the subject. My response is by no means me stating what I think is truth. It is more of a crude representation of what is going on in my head. Some of this is based upon long standing ideas, some just occurred to me. No doubt, I will change my mind to some degree in the near future.

      While I’m not a fan of absolute rules, I can appreciate having a list of to-do’s in order to simplify the writing process. However, when discussing the list of things to do, it is often good to have reasons for doing them rather than just presenting them as rules that have been set down by a wise authority.

      I don’t have a problem with this list, these are three important parts of any scene. I would go a little further and say everything should relate to A plot and that every scene should advance the main plot in some way big or small. If the scene doesn’t relate to the main plot, it is a detail, akin to a question from an acquaintance at work about your hobby, house or kids. This is the kind of thing that should generally be fit in to round out a scene and character with details that make it more realistic. Such scenes should be done only for very good reasons and there should be much anguish over the decision.

      Speculative fiction is a bit different from real world fiction in that the reader doesn’t have experience with the world beyond how it resembles the world they live in. This provides more opportunity to step into the mundane things that define the setting and circumstances, which are a large contributor to the plot. It makes it more likely that an event that isn’t explicitly linked to the main plot can still have an impact. However, it is still possible for a writer to have their world building go amok, not help the plot and hurt the work.

      I view building tension as more a sign that one is doing a good job. It is more of a product of the plot moving, that should be checked for, rather than something that is built on its own. Conversely, characters are drivers of plot. They require a set of circumstances produced by the world around them, but their reaction is usually the cause of change. The biggest task regarding characters usually is just to communicate to the reader enough information about them that they become familiar. This is less a problem with sequels in a series, as there is less to learn about the recurring characters. However, I think that it is desirable to continuously feed new information to the reader in order to keep them interested. This includes new information about characters. At some point, there needs to be some new information about that character that has been around for a while so that they don’t get stale. One would think that the character must change for this to occur, but often, novel circumstances can bring out sides of the individual that hadn’t been seen before. Most adult people don’t change all that much, and it can be a mistake to have a character change just for the sake of character development.

      Having blathered on about my own view on what is needed and what should be left out of a scene, we are just talking about methods to make a story that will compel the reader. Always following any rule, no matter how well thought out, will not result in the top quality results.

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