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Still ants in my bathroom. My phone does not currently work. I’m fighting off migraines with prodigious, Eric-Cherry levels of caffeine.

But I got web comics:
(Warning! Utter nerdishness of the gaming sort will follow. Void where prohibited.)

I want the top half on the second panel of this as a wall poster.

O succinctly explains RSS: So far I know that an RSS feed is a thingy that you use in the thingy so that when your thingies post thingies the thingy you use to view the thingies will show you all those thingies in just one thingy… more or less.”

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Book #9 – Carrie by Stephen King

I’ll start out by saying that I’ve never been a big Stephen King fan.  I like his shorter works, but some of his longer (and later) novels kind of drag on with not good endings.  I remember working my through It and coming to the end and sayig, “Um…okay…”  I picked up Carrie to read because I was interested in seeing how King does suspense and tension.  It’s been a long while since I’ve read any of his fiction, and I certainly didn’t read it actively when I did before.  My question was does he use some of the things that I’ve pin-pointed as being effective, at least effective to me as a reader.  And the answer is…  Not really.  Honestly, I’m not sure what he does to garner the “master of horror” title.  Whatever it is, it isn’t in Carrie.

It could be that I’m jaded as a reader and I can’t now appreciate what made Carrie a sensation.  (I was trying to explain to Eric how good the movie Pyscho is, and how shocking it was for the time, but he could only shrug and say, “It’s been done.”)  I’m not sure though.  There’s one thing that King did that I liked (using animal imagery over and over in relation to Carrie), but otherwise, I kind of found the writing kind of flat and passive.  Things I’m trying to avoid in my own writing.  I also think the epistolary documents-within-the-book didn’t serve much purpose other than breaking the mood (not a good thing).  To do something like that, I think the documents need to show a totally different angle to the story, something that King barely touches on.

Or, maybe I’m just crotchety and nothing pleases me…