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Haven’t posted much lately.  I’m busy trying to get through this round of rewrites.  Yes, I’d like to move forward a bit, but it bugs me to have things wrong.  Especially when it’s whole scenes that need changing.  Frustrating, tiring.  And PMS finally hit me hard yesterday.  Just don’t feel like writing or socializing or doing much of anything.  Worn out, really.

Disc-wise, Cutting Can Be An Art finished out the regular season in second place.  That puts in an okay position for quarters.  We’ll probably be playing Gretchen’s team.  I hate playing Gretchen.  But we’ll see.  We destroyed them last time, but they didn’t have Al for most of the game.

There’s a bunch of things have come up that I’d like to comment on, but haven’t had the time…

Wired has an interesting article about using web-based apps.  I’ve always used browser-based email, Yahoo.  I’m not sure why I wouldn’t.  And I’ve just started using Google doc to share  stuff when we’re gaming long distance.  I’ve been pretty happy with it, though Google’s spreadsheet seems anemic.  That’s coming from me, not the world’s most savvy spreadsheet user.  I also, recently, started using Bloglines and  Why?  Yahoo’s “My Yahoo” doesn’t do a very good job of feed subscription, and using their flash-y email as a reader is slow and annoying.  I decided to start using because I’ve been going back and forth between this computer and the laptop.  It’s nice to have all my bookmarks in one place.  It occurs to me that all the things I use “web-apps” for are web related things.  How often is Yahoo having problems?  Or Bloglines?  Or Google?  A lot less than my cable internet has problems.  And that’s the bottle neck for me with switching to all Google, all the time.  Why would I when I can use Word and Excel when my internet is down?