Whadda ya mean 300 isn’t a chick flick???
Thing is, while 51% of the movie-going audience is women, none of the US top 25 of all time is exactly a chick flick…except for Titanic at #1.  While the effects were spectacular, it was the female audience that lapped up the romance angle to the tune of $600 million.  The best way to make money in movies is to hit a sweet spot: films that are palatable to more than one demographic.  The rest of the top 25 is mainly movies that adults and *kids* can enjoy, but not the sappy-crappy-family-movie kind.  Chick flicks aren’t getting made because they’re only getting 51% of the movie-goers.   Adventure movies are being made because not only will men and boys go, but a good portion of the women will too, putting that percentage far beyond 51%.  Film makers go where the money is, and you can’t fault them for that.

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