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Probably too late for Eric to see, but here collected are some links to WOTC’s plans:

Interview with Liz Schuh, Wizards of the Coast Brand Director for Dungeons and Dragons Publishing
An interview that doesn’t say much…

Lots of Info (or not much, depending how you look at it) over at EN World.

And some LJ reaction to it all.

All brought to my attention by


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Short Story #5:
“404 Error” by David Such via Science Fiction Story of the Day
Flash fiction.  A little ‘what if’ tale, unfortunately of the kind I don’t appreciate.  I’m not big on the philosophy of consciousness, and I doubt that artificial intelligence will spontaneously occur in a system where direct input is needed.  The ‘connections’ being made by the internet do not strike me as being particularly meaningful to the survival of the system.

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Cloudy.  Lazy. 
Need to get to work.   I’ll probably scare up some crappy horror movie to run as background.

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April Summary


Lots of rewriting this month. 

  • Started the month by continuing to make my writing more active with attention on Balito’s scenes.  Did work on 4 scenes.
  • Wrote a new scene in which Neltiar gives an explanation to Danielle.
  • Eric and I talked about what motivations and moods each scene should have.  Did work to 20 of 26 scenes.
  • Started work on a scene about investigating Biv.  Had to do some work on previous scenes to set it up.  Completely rewrote one scene from a different POV.

Market Stuff:

  • Researched markets for Joanne.
  • Did some work on rewriting Joanne’s cover letter.

Otherwise, no replies back, no ms out.
Other Writing:

  • Free Writing: 22/30

This month was pretty much taken over by Divine Fire.  I didn’t get around to sending Joanne back out (which I should) or writing an AC article (which isn’t really a big deal).  Divine Fire should be my main concern.


  • Fix the “Giddy” scene.  Finding some reading material that has some good giddy in it.
  • I can’t imagine there’s more rewriting to be done (she says tempting fate) so at least three new scenes.
  • Get Joanne out the door.
  • Continue to do lots of active reading.