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April Summary


Lots of rewriting this month. 

  • Started the month by continuing to make my writing more active with attention on Balito’s scenes.  Did work on 4 scenes.
  • Wrote a new scene in which Neltiar gives an explanation to Danielle.
  • Eric and I talked about what motivations and moods each scene should have.  Did work to 20 of 26 scenes.
  • Started work on a scene about investigating Biv.  Had to do some work on previous scenes to set it up.  Completely rewrote one scene from a different POV.

Market Stuff:

  • Researched markets for Joanne.
  • Did some work on rewriting Joanne’s cover letter.

Otherwise, no replies back, no ms out.
Other Writing:

  • Free Writing: 22/30

This month was pretty much taken over by Divine Fire.  I didn’t get around to sending Joanne back out (which I should) or writing an AC article (which isn’t really a big deal).  Divine Fire should be my main concern.


  • Fix the “Giddy” scene.  Finding some reading material that has some good giddy in it.
  • I can’t imagine there’s more rewriting to be done (she says tempting fate) so at least three new scenes.
  • Get Joanne out the door.
  • Continue to do lots of active reading.


Writer, publisher. Hobbies include reading, studying magic & illusions from a historical/theoretical perspective, and playing ultimate frisbee.

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