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Right.  I’ll admit it.  I’m a sucker for cat macros.  I especially love it when cat macros go genre.

Therefore, this and this made me laff.

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Short Story #6 – Amnesty by Stephen Patrick
Again via Science Fiction Story of the Day  (A trend perhaps?)

Good telling of back story without out “telling back story.”  The personality of the ten year old girl strikes me as a little mature, especially her feelings of pride when her father went away when she was four.  It’s a rare thing when children are written well.  I doubt I could do it.

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Back from a good day of disc.  All my pent up aggression from last Thursday was taken out on Tim.

To work, now.  I’d like to finish the scene I started yesterday…  Monday?  Well, whatever.  This afternoon is the best bet for it with Chris in town.