Having an anti-word day.  Reading is a chore and writing is nearly out of the question.

So, trip to Omaha in less than a month.  Abrupt.  At least my brother’s, currently, in a less drama queen mode.  Still.  I never look forward to it.  I could have written in my mother’s day cards that our ticket were bought, but I didn’t.

Trying to figure out how to write ‘giddy.’  A specific giddy.  That sort of hope-I’ll-see-him-in-the-hallway-oh-there-he-is kind of giddy.  Only more mature, less seventh grade.  I know the feeling, but giving it to one of my characters and having it not come out like super-cheese is another thing.  Reading some of my old, tumultuous college writings.  I need to find some good giddy in literature, but that’s not my sort of stuff.  I guess understatement is probably best.

Played like utter crap today.  My knees were creaky.  Still had fun though.  There’s talk of a four team women’s league this summer, and a team for fall series.  Summer’s always the hardest time to keep things going.

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