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Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo in the news: Shark “virgin birth”.

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Giving up on Even Kingsbury’s Flesh & Fire after 100 pages.  The beginning was so good that the subsequent chapters feel like they were written by someone else.  The first chapter was set in Calcutta.  It was so richly drawn.  I especially was impressed with the way Kingsbury placed evocative details; for example, bringing forth the importance of the  Ganges  without ever naming the river.  Likewise, the details surrounding Kundalini (an evilish ancient god/power) and the human combustion that occurs in the first chapter are intriguing.  But then Kingsbury tips his hand.  Too many details that should have been revealed gradually.  Not enough about the characters.  That might be the crux of what I found off-putting.  By page 100, there’s not one character I care about.

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