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From yesterday:

Monday morning I noticed that a second type of ant had invaded my apartment in addition to the ones that have taken up permanent residence in my bathroom.  The new sort came in  through the front door, as is normal.  The spray I bought last year wasn’t doing a thing.  So, I took a trip to Walmart to get a better anti-ant arsenal.  The new spray, that claims to be odorless, smells like…fabric softener.  It seems thicker than the last stuff.  I bought different baits for the bathroom too.  The others didn’t entice the ants one bit.  These smell like fake caramel.  Well, I’d eat ’em, I guess.

Trip to Walmart also reaped an exercise bra, probably the last of their kind.  Danskin seems to be discontinuing the style I like.  I was lucky enough to find one in my size on the clearance rack.  Also bought a comfy bra and a set of headphones.


Happy Star Wars Day

Happy Towel Day


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