Daily Archives: June 4, 2007

June Goals
    * Finish rewriting Cleansing scene.
    * Add skin color context.

    * Two new scenes.
    * More active reading.
    * Daily Free Writing.

May Summary, Part II

Market Stuff:

    * Got a No on “Wicked, But Effective.”  Haven’t sent it back out.
    * Nothing new done on getting Pas de Chat back out.  Right or wrong, submissions have taken a far back seat to getting things done on Divine Fire.

Other Writing:

    * Free Writing: 19/31 days.
    * Two rather ‘bloggish’ posts.

May Summary

Weordan Series:

    * Added about 6,300 words; three new scenes (two adding a new character) plus some rewriting.
    * Working on the Cleansing scene.  This is a rough one involving a good amount of religion, that still needs to worked out.  That’s at about the 1000 word mark.
    * Added to “Giddy” though I didn’t exactly rewrite it.