Daily Archives: June 14, 2007


I had no idea that this was a big issue in Britain.  Now I really wish the 10th Doctor had been ginger.

I’ve put up with very little teasing about my hair color.  The janitor of my grade school used to call me red.  My Minnesota relatives called me carrot-top.  Other than that it’s been pretty much a non-issue.  And by non-issue, I mean just that.   Despite the view of the article, being a redhead in the US isn’t glamorous.  I think there are people who dye their hair with that intention, but the issues that surround real red hair are pretty annoying and not very attractive.  Curls become frizz.  Skin that can’t hold color, except for freckles.

Though I’ve never encountered many redheads, I’ve never felt like an outsider because of my hair.  Hair was just…hair.  I’ve come to like it more and more as I’ve gotten older.   Yes, it’s a pain, but I do look like all those girls in Pre-Raphaelite paintings.  And if people think I’m a little witchy because of my hair color, so much the better.