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I love moths…  I almost feel a short story involving tasty moths coming on.

This cold can be over now.  Really, I wouldn’t mind.  I’m up to that point where I’m producing way to much saliva and choking on it.  I have a tickle in my throat last night that kept me awake most of the night.

I’m not going running today.  Wednesday disc was three on four and I played harder than I really wanted to.  Last night was the first game of women’s league.  Went well.  We lost, but played better than I expected.  Our newer girls generally made good decisions.  But I came home hacking.

I’m just so tired today.  Can’t quite get my brain going.  Fiddling around with the Cleansing scene, still.  It’s a tough scene.

My only problem with going to Omaha (okay, not my only problem, but one of the biggest) is that I don’t get work done, but I don’t get any relaxation either.  It feels like it’s been a month since I did anything dumbly relaxing.