Daily Archives: June 18, 2007

Cut, cut, chop, scrap, cut, paste, reformat, make active, make into dialog, make not totally utterly boring.  Hopefully.

No running today.  Too wrapped up in this to leave it for an hour.

Stuff that caught my eye during my 1:15 on the net:

Male twins ‘can reduce fertility’

Two long articles I haven’t read yet, and hope to get to today:
Top 10 Sci Fi Novelists of the ’00s — so far
Writing the American Way

Still having trouble with too much saliva and mucous at night even though the other symptoms of my cold have gone.  Ginger tea seems to help.  I thought I could get away with none last night.  I went to sleep at about 1am, but then was back up at about 3:30.  Had two cups, and then was fine.  I do miss the really strong ginger tea that I bought in Lincoln.  That was good stuff.

Talked to Dad yesterday and he mentioned his complete retinue of phlegm problems.  He wakes up choking and often has problems drinking fizzy beverages.  There was a time when I first started college when I couldn’t get through a meal without sending my drink through my nose.  It’s amazing anyone would eat with me.  He said Grandma Faye has those problems too, though hers are probably due to smoking.  Still.  Genetic legacy.  Gotta love it.

Kinda limped through Wednesday to Friday last week.  Played EverQuest all weekend.  But today, back to work for real.  I have ideas for fixing Divine Fire‘s  Cleansing scene; I just have to implement them.  The apartment so needs a good cleaning too.  Undecided on whether I should try to go for a run today.  I’ll see how I feel at three when the fitness room at Escalante opens.

I’ve taken several surveys that ask how much time I spend online.  I’ve now added Firefox extensions that will answer that question.  Thus far today, 36 minutes.