Woke up yesterday morning at about 3:30, not coughing, but with a horrendous cramp in my right calf.  Ended up having cramping problems in both calves all of yesterday.  Probably due to dehydration (see cups of ginger tea) and not so spiffy nutrition lately.  And I’m rather annoyed by products not reporting their potassium amounts.  Come on, with all the nuts in my trail mix, there’s *got* to be some potassium.  I’m considering taking up drinking V8.

No disc yesterday due to lack of numbers.  There is the possibility of moving it to the mornings for summer.  As much as I hate mornings, I’d be up for that.  Women’s league tonight.  I hope getting there is smoother than last week.  (Last week, Eric ended up taking me because Teri had a flat tire on a bike ride that put her late for getting to league.)

Little work done lately.  Doldrums of summer.  Oh, look, summer is just starting today.  The previous several weeks of heat and sun were just spring…

Switched from MyYahoo to iGoogle.  MyYahoo is insisting on going all flash, but is rather clumsy with it.  Google does a good job of keeping it simple.  I’m considering gmail too, but gawd it would be a pain in the ass switching everything over.  In the realm of “Web 2.0” aka, living your life on the web, I’m spread out all over the place.  Yahoo mail, Google home page, Bloglines aggregator/blog, iTunes podcast aggregation, Cox site hosting, LiveJournal journal, MySpace ummm…

Still trying to figure out what’s wrong with my custom mood themes.  I think it’s Cox’s fault.

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