Daily Archives: June 22, 2007

What?  It’s 5:30 already?

I can completely lose track of time when working on HTML stuff. Set up a page for VOTS Outreach.  Tried some different layouts for the site’s main page, but didn’t come up with anything I liked.  I also eat less when I work on HTML.  I get absorbed enough to forget to eat.

I did go for a run, which took over an hour.  I can never quite figure out treadmills.

Yes, getting a ride to women’s league just hasn’t been working.  Eric drove me again.  I’m not even going to go into the whys and where-fores.  We won last night though.  Sounds like there might be some trades in the works since one team is outstanding and one is not so much.

There were ants in my kitchen again this morning.  They were quickly taken care of.

Haven’t heard from Eric regarding dinner yet.  I’m in the mood for something meaty.  I’m quite enjoying my V8.  V8 is one of those things I’ve generally hated, but knowing how good it is for me kinda makes it taste good.  It’s all salty and sour and…nice.