Had an agreeable morning.  This was our first go of having morning disc.  We had fours, which isn’t bad when the weather is nice.  My back was onerous, so I took two aspirin.  Then my stomach bugged me, so I had two Tums.  I only straightened up after eating my granola bar and walking a while.  I walked for 45 minutes.  Just needed to move and think.  Probably would have walked more, but I was carrying our disc bag with not only discs, but cones as well.  I might have a few ways of making the Cleansing scene better.  That scene has grown to being this oppressive monster that pretty much scares me.  It needs to be smacked around and put back in its place.  Ended up at Blockbuster about 45 minutes before they open.  Sat and read in the shade of a decent tree and waited.  It was so cool and lovely that it seems very hot now.

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