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Book #19 – 84, Charing Cross Rd. by Helene Hanff

A re-read so re-read that considering it part of my yearly book count is almost like cheating.  But I say almost since I never make 30 books in a year anyway.  And it’s all Rune’s fault, talking about weeding out her personal library.  I just had to go read Miss Hanff’s opinion on getting rid of books.  She’s quite sensible about the matter: sometimes, a book has got to go.  Anyway, it’s a calming, quick read.  One of those little islands of normalcy that make change a little easier. 

Like Suzanne Vega.  I think I’ve listened to her new album everyday since I got it.  She got me through the stress of high school, sang me to sleep via head phones when I had a roommate in college, and made the transition to life in Arizona a little easier when I realized I was an album behind.  Favorite lyrics thus far:

we lie under anesthesia
our wit and wonder snuffed
in our routine operations
our own beauty not enough

Now, I need to get to work, though first I’m sure I will take care of VOTS stuff. 
Happily, there is disc tomorrow morning.

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Finished during the week of Aug. 20th:

  • Sent Lucinda to a market.
  • Dock Spice – Balito on the docks (holdover)
  • Got Eaters of Dust back out.  (Received a ‘no’ fm Dark Wisdom. Sent it out to Murky Depths and already got a ‘no’ from them.)

Current ‘to-do’ list for the week of Aug. 27th:

  • Dock Spice – Removing cargo (holdover from the week of Aug. 13th)  I really need to get this done.
  • Fix the introduction of Tomaso around pg. 251 (holdover from week of Aug. 20th)
  • Get Eaters of Dust back out.

Did the publishing stuff Sunday morning, which might prove to be a good day for getting these things done.  Eric and I are still kind of feeling out our new schedules.  I didn’t get as much done last week as I would have liked.  I was just too distracted by everything going on.  I hope to be more grounded this week.

League registration is going…well.  There was a technical problem out of the blue Thursday and Friday.  I don’t exactly know what was wrong, but I did a minor change that shouldn’t have mattered and it now seems to be behaving.  To keep down my stress level, I’ve decided to stay out of everything that isn’t web related and isolated my email  from my homepage so I can sufficiently ignore it aside from times when I want to deal with it.

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The week was so long and stressful that we took yesterday off.  A front moved in last night.  This morning it’s cool and rainy.  I received Beauty & Crime in the mail yesterday.  I think I’m going to load it up in my mp3 player and head out for a run.

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So, it’s Wednesday.

There was no disc this morning.  So sad.  And neither Eric or I were up for a conditioning workout this evening.  I’m terribly crampy, but happily crampy.  Best to stay home this evening anyway.  I need to get some work done.  I’ve been generally distracted and frustrated with league topics today.  And in the interest of anti-frustration I link to: Super Bunnies!  But beware, YouTube will be undergoing maintenance in about an hour, keeping the world from Super Bunnies for a while.

After a big glass of water, I’m going to try out Pepsi Max.  Oh, the things that get noted in my journal…

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So, for the hell of it and so I might have a semi-informed conversation about what Eric is studying, I’m reading his neurobiology textbook.  There’s a short section on gene transcription, and it occurs to me once again how many things could go utterly wrong with our bodies.  And yet don’t.  What a piece of work is man…!

League captains have been announced.  And the draft night procedure.   At least,  it’s far enough in advance that it can be debated…

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Book #18 – Darkly Dreaming Dexter – Jeff Lindsay

I’ve seen a few episodes of the TV series that’s based on this book, this series of books.  I liked it.  Serial killers, no matter how much they’re done, are generally interesting.  Conversely, I wouldn’t call myself a fan of the genre.  The TV series is slick, well-acted and I look forward to watching the rest of it at some point when I renew my Blockbuster account.  The books…not too sure about after reading the first one.

I’m not a fan of first person, that’s that first strike against it.  I don’t write in first person, so there’s little to learn style-wise.   There’s advantages to narrating a story from within it, to tell what’s going, rather than to have to show everything.  I’m not saying that there aren’t difficulties to writing first person POV, it’s just a different game is all.  That said, Lindsay does a good job with showing detail with colorful narration.  I’ve never been to Miami, but I get a good feel for it from the writing.  Lindsay takes every chance he gets, mainly when Dexter is traveling from one place to another, to paint Miami into the background.

What I didn’t like…  Sometimes the narration, from Dexter’s POV of course, got a little tedious.  I could skip a paragraph occasionally and not miss much.  I also found the psychological underpinnings to be a hokey, but I was happy he ended the story in a reasonable manner.  There was a road that Lindsay could have gone down that would have caused books to be thrown.  He did make some effort to end it in a plausible way.  The very end, I’m of two minds about.  On one hand, he dodged writing a difficult part; on the other hand, that difficult part would have been something not particularly interesting.  So, it’s all good.  Will I read the next book in the series?  Maybe.  *shrug*  Darkly Dreaming Dexter didn’t suck and was a fun read.  Lately, I can’t ask for anything more.

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Eric is off to his first class.  I’m so nervous for him!  We had a nice morning.  He stayed out of my way until about 10am, at which time we talked about Divine Fire.

Saw 300 over the weekend.  I was disappointed.  It was pretty, but I had seen all the pretty parts in the trailer.  The voice-over was annoying, not particularly well written.  I had hoped that all the negative things I had heard about the would be overshadowed by thrilling battles, but I wasn’t very thrilled.  I would have liked a clearer view of the geography of the area and seen some indication of where battle lines were moving to instead of so many closeups.  Maybe I’m jaded with the likes of Ridley Scott and Peter Jackson informing what battles should look like.

Playing around with Slacker online radio.  Like I needed another online music option.  This one does do some good artist suggestions though.