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Well, it’s a good thing we didn’t have disc this morning, ’cause I threw my back out last night.  Before practice, during open play.  I was marking Eliza.  Eliza is tall, but hesitant with her throws.  I had a nice mark on her.  Low left hand, high right, low in the knees, staying on balls of my feet.  She finally dumped on an eight count.  I straightened up to follow her as she cleared…and couldn’t.  I hobbled through the rest of the point and headed to the sideline.  Four ibuprofen, much Absorbin Jr., a slow jog, and much cursing later, I was good to play again.  By good, I mean that I could move and throwing didn’t hurt too much.  Finished out practice, but was a wreak by the end.

We stopped on the way home at Basha’s (supermarket chain) to get some food for dinner.  On the way in, the kid wrangling shopping carts pointed out that water was sputtering out the front of Hefty (Eric’s truck).  This had happened Sunday as well.  Eric had added some antifreeze since then and we hadn’t noticed any other problems.  We shrugged it off and went on with our shopping.  Not much could be done about it when the engine’s how and the radiator is spewing boiling water.  When we had finished shopping for an array of soda, water, ice, ice cream, and sandwich rolls, we found that Hefty would not start.  Eric popped the hood and added water and ice liberally to the engine in an effort to cool it, while I sat miserable in the passenger seat.  I just wanted to go home.  Then, Eric went back into Basha’s and grabbed a couple of spoons.  For our ice cream.  So, a dinner of ice cream while we waited for the engine to cool.  And we talked about the possibility of the battery being weak as well and not able to deal with the stress of the engine and its expanded metal.  A jump start might be needed, we feared.  We were both still in cleats and at this point I couldn’t walk with a straight back.  Luckily, the ice and water (which were not purchased for the engine, but for our own later consumption) did the trick.  Hefty started and we finally made it home.

Today, I still can’t walk with a straight back.  The pain has settled in my lower back and right hip.  The usual places.  We have draft tonight, another practice tomorrow.  Since we’re going over plays tomorrow, I’ll probably go to practice, but if I’m still like I am today, I’ll be walking through them.  Should be good enough by the start of league next week and for sectionals next weekend.  What a freakin’ bother though.