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My back is feeling better.  The truck is doing worse.  There’s been some jump-starting going on.  Eric’s going to do some maintenance things that will hopefully help, but we’re thinking it might be time to look for a new vehicle.

Draft went smoothly last night. Fast and with no major controversies.  There’s a few things that still need to be resolved, but nothing terribly major.  I was lax on putting the schedule together and that needs to be worked out.  I didn’t go to practice tonight, despite it being PHX-ation only.  I wanted to give my back more good rest, transportation would have been iffy, and I’m just tired.  It’s that worn through tired that comes from being around and interacting with too many people.  Draft and all the emailing leading up to draft (and after draft) have taken a lot out of me.  Not to mention that having Eric home more is a change to my hermit-hood.  I just really needed tonight to be a break from people.

And to work.  Nights have been my work time, and I’ve had two eaten up by VOTS this week.  As much as I really should practice with the team, I don’t think I can swing the upcoming Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday night disc schedule.  Considering that I’ll be playing disc earlier on Wednesday means that Weds night will probably get dumped.  Unless Eric’s practicing then too…

Anyway, work is going.  I’ll probably have to rewrite what I’ve just written.  That is how it goes.