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Sometimes, especially in the morning when I haven’t had my caffeine yet, I misread things.  I misread this as Full Throttle Undead.  No matter how strange a name that might have been for an energy drink, I would have bought it.  Well, I guess it’s not strange if it’s those super-speed modern cinema zombies that can run fast and leap around a bunch…

Also, I would not have known that workouts cause women breast pain if I had not been told.  Personally, I no longer suffer from breast pain after workouts because I wear a damn ugly bra that ensures that nothing is going anywhere.  It has of course been discontinued.

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Book #21 – The Vatican’s Exorcists by Tracy Wilkinson

One of the few non-fiction books I decided to read this year.  I was intrigued because, well, exorcists are a possibly interesting topic.  More specifically, the book could have been titled Italy’s Exorcists or, sensationally, The Possession of Italy.  It focuses exclusively on the proclivity of people in Italy seeking exorcisms or at least freeing prayer.  It seems that in Italy, people decide to see an exorcist like many people decide to see a therapist.  In fact the stigma of mental illness is greater than the stigma of possession.  It makes for a strange contrast.  Not only is this sort of ritualistic religious practice occurring in the 21st century, but there’s also a blurred division that seems to exist between religion and superstition.  It was an enlightening and probably something that will inform the way religious orders are handled in my fiction.

Short Story #9 – “Family Business” by  Jason Marker

A Rifts story.  I usually avoid gaming fiction, but this piece was rather good.  Lots of lovely detail and well-worked setting.  It’s too bad Jason Marker didn’t get a little biographical paragraph at the end because I’d like to know if he is a Texan.  And if he’s written anything else.  (I googled him and found that he’s written a thing or two for Rifts.  Well good, Rifts can always use a few good writers.)