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It is possible that I have finally finished this damned scene.  At least for now.  I won’t get my hopes up.  At this rate, I might get last week’s work by Friday.

We played this afternoon after having practice on Monday and league last night.  League turned out alright.  The wind picked up with first pull and made things difficult.  We managed okay, but we’re a little handler shy.  We were supposed to have practice tonight, but Eric’s busy with homework, and I was tired.  I feel as socially worn out today as I did last Thursday.  Sectionals are Saturday.  We’re lining fields in the morning and playing in the afternoon.

Lethargic, still.  I need to get work done, need to write, need to read.  Need to prepare for some Rifts DMing this weekend.  Why is it all so hard to do things lately?  I badly want colder weather.  Been having problems with my joints.  A flare-up I suppose you could call it.  I’ve been taping my finger when I play disc and my knees, shoulders, and hands ache.  Not to mention my back.  It took most of the game today to get it warmed up.