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If I could just find a new career…
One that involves a little beer.

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1. Go to
2. Put in Username: nycareers Password: landmark
3. Take their “Career Matchmaker” questions
4. Post the top ten results

Website Designer
Desktop Publisher
Cartoonist / Comic Illustrator
Interior Designer
Computer Network Specialist
Multimedia Developer
Marine Biologist
Communications Specialist

That’s an interesting #1, considering.  Writer came in at #14.  Below Activist and Political Aide.

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I spent the day out.  Alone.  Which was kinda nice.

I hit CVS first and found the shoe insoles I wanted:  Dr. Scholl’s Gel Sport.  I used to be able to buy them at Target, but Target has gone all girly  with what  insoles they carry.  If I want to wear heels, they got me covered.  If I want to wear running shoes, I’m shopping at CVS.

Next was the library.  But…  I detoured to Mervyn’s.  I don’t clothes shop often and Mervyn’s always has a sale going.  I was looking for a long skirt or pants.  I ended up with a shirt for $4 and a pair of green denim-sort pants.   Size 4.  Is it kind of dumb to be happy about a size?

At the library, I found Hannibal Rising for $1 in the donation shop.  Hardback.  I’ve been ambivalent about the book, but I couldn’t turn down Thomas Harris for a buck.  And hey, the money goes to the library.  I also checked out Another Day in the Frontal Lobe, a book I’ve been looking for.  Had a scone and tea and did some free writing in the cafe.  And of course, forgot the list of recommendations that 

 gave me.  Well, I’ll be back to the library soon enough.

Then I took a long, longer than needed, bus ride to Target to return an inferior pair of insoles and pick up a few things.  I beat Eric home from class by about two minutes.  He had been up all night working on a homework assignment.  I mean literally all night.  Turns out, he wasn’t the only one having trouble with the assignment and has been given a week extension.  He’s now sleeping.

Anyway, despite the heat and sun, it was nice to get away from the computer and the apartment and even from disc.