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Week beginning Sept 9th and ending Sept 15th:

Online Reading 8 hours and 1 minute
Work 5 hours and 21 minutes
Chores 4 hours and 49 minutes
VOTS 3 hours and 41 minutes
Other Writing 1 hour and 45 minutes
Other Reading 1 hour and 38 minutes

Workwise, not a good week.  I need to…get discipline.  Or a clue.  Or something like that…  The “Other Reading” number should be higher.  I do most of that away from the computer, and therefore it doesn’t get logged or edited back in.

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Survived sectionals yesterday.  We were seeded #2 and held seed.  The weather was much nicer than expected.  The predicted high was 106, but clouds rolled in at around 1pm.  By the time we played it was overcast.  Our first game was against the #3 seed from U of A.  We beat them pretty easily, but more importantly, we really played well together.  Occasionally in practices, I’ve had my doubts, but we really put it together.  Then we had a buy.  A looong buy.  We started early and it was still two and a half hours before our last game.  Last game was against the #1 seed, Mucho Gusto from Tucson.  They’re a good, experienced team.  They capitalized on any mistake we made, and we had a hard time doing the same.  I had a turnover in zone that I’m still kicking myself for.  Scoring our last point, didn’t make up for it.  But all in all, a decent day of ultimate.

Ironwood did very well, winning sectionals again.  They even beat Sprawl, the younger men’s team, 17-11.  They’re having a scrimmage today, which is where Eric is as I write this.  Hope he took enough to drink with him.

I’m feeling not too bad today, physically.  My legs are a little stiff and my feet weren’t happy with the many hours in damp socks, but my back is surprisingly fine.  I’m continuously tired and hungry, but that just seems to happen the day after I play more than one game.  Now all I need to do is get some kind of something done.