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“Crazy” thing?  How crazy does crazy have to be?  I’ve always wanted to learn how to climb, but is that really crazy?  With the advent of rock gyms, it seems to have become rather mainstream.  Still, doing something that involves heights always seems a bit crazy to me.  Alas, as my rheumatism gets worse and my hands get weaker, climbing is out of the question.  I’d like to learn to shoot more.  And I’ve also been slightly interested in archery.  The hand strength deficit would probably hinder both of those as well.  I’ve never been interested in other “craziness.”  Sky diving?  Bungee jumping?  Hang-gliding?  No interest.  My strange-oid career plan has always been  practical special effects and make-up.  I’ve always appreciated the art of such things.  Alter ego-wise?  I’d want to be a con.  To be eloquent and manipulate people.  To be dexterous and able to pull off slight of hand.  To have few moral qualms about it all.  Maybe alter-ego is the wrong way of putting it.  Alter-id is more apt.  There’s so many things about a con man that I wish I could be more like.  But, I am me.  With clumsy tongue and hands.  A really bad liar and innately scrupulous.  Not *bad* things, surely.  But a bit boring.

Working.  The pressure has been dropping and my hands and feet hurt.  The above is my free writing for the day.  As much as typing hurts, writing with a pen is so much worse.