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Electrodes implanted into the brain to treat a man with a stubborn case of ringing in the ear instead sparked an out-of-body sensation, doctors in Belgium reported on Wednesday.  Which is interesting, considering that usually when I have sleep-paralysis / out-of-body episodes it is usually accompanied by an overwhelming ringing in my ears.

Bah, I should be writing.  A case of the blahs set in after disc today.  Probably due to the huge amount of work on my horizon and the realization that league is almost over.  I like league.  It’s been five years; I’m finally comfortable with many of the people who play.  I guess there’s no real reason to be morose about it.

Anyway, I need dinner.

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Hope we play today.  The weather is lovely.  No wind!  (And checking my email: Yes, there is disc!  Woot! )

Disc last night was fun, if not challenging.  We won 15-3.  Granted, the other team, Filthy McNasty, was dressed as white trash and had a few beers before the game.  On our team, only Angel and I dressed up, and Angel dumped her skirt and jewelry between costume judging and the first point.  My horns lasted about three points, my corset and gloves about five until Eric mistook me for a Filthy McNasty player.  I did score a point in the entire costume minus one horn.  Of the handful that were judged, a girl from Filthy McNasty won overall.  She was a shoe-in with her entire tipsy team’s applause.  On the male side, I’d say Chris from Robots in Disc-guise won, dressed as a Spartan.  And Chris nearly has the upper body to pull that off.  Reif did say that he only wore shorts when playing though, not his cod piece.  Probably for the best all around.

Didn’t tape anything last night, but I did pop an extra two ibuprofen before the game.  My foot was pretty sore afterward and I’ll probably tape it today.

Don’t know if I’m going to dress up and attempt to give out candy.  Last time was so disappointing.  But I did dye my hair and all.  See, I should work today and tonight.  I wanted to hit 10K for the month, and I’m 1400 short with few prospects.  If I decide to do the treater thing, I’ll need to carve a pumpkin and put up my lights and be available, which strangely seems like work today…

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I sometimes forget just what ancient peoples could do.  I get stuck in this vision of brick buildings and clay bowls.  Example of the day: Roman glass.  I need to go to more museums…

Didn’t get as much done yesterday as I would have liked.  Need to finish a scene and also have something to show concerning my Ricard/Marie meanderings.  I’m at a point where their relationship needs something of a paradigm shift.  Sometimes, I wish writing were more like webpage coding.  Just go in, change a line or two in the CCS, and viola!  Ricard is more of a cold bastard and Marie more smitten.  I have until 3pm.  Should also have Eric look at Joanne’s cover letter.

Halloween disc tonight.  Time to make a fool of myself.  (Like I never do that!)  I have a bit to do to prepare, but it is an eight o’ clock game.  Does anyone ever do the skin allergy test two days before they color their hair?  My experiences with hair coloring, especially hair coloring of a non-permanent, non-natural shade is that it occurs impulsively, usually within hours of buying the dye.  In this case, I actually did buy the dye on Thursday, but didn’t read the box and instructions until last night.  Aw well, I’ve never had a problem in the past…

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Rheumatoid arthritis is known to be associated with **excess** mortality.  Oh wait, that’s not a good thing.  It just sounds like a good thing because excess anything is good, right?  Except when it’s mortality.  Could it be that RA suffers have excess mortality because many of the drugs used to treat it and its symptoms are pretty nasty?  Just go down the list of DMARDs at Wikipedia.  The side effects are not pretty.  The pain meds aren’t any better.

Speaking of which, my hands and feet are bad today.  (Pressure’s been falling.)  I’ve taken a couple / few ibuprofen and they haven’t helped much.  I’m also trying the stimulation of mechanoreceptors to try and “distract” myself from the pain.  In this case, wearing rings on unfamiliar fingers.  I suspect this is partially why taping my middle finger when I play disc helps.  My wedding ring does not help because I wear it all the time; I’m used to the sensation of wearing it.   This might also be the reason why copper bracelets, or maybe those types of bangle bracelets, help.  As my family’s dubious taste in jewelry has been a coping mechanism all these years…

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Book #26 – The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold

It seems that as much as people liked The Lovely Bones they dislike The Almost Moon.  I read The Lovely Bones back in 2003 after it had been popular for quite a while.  Though literary fiction, it was getting notice in the fantasy/horror circles and that always intrigues me.  What I found was a great book.  Even better in an amazingly frightening and grim way was Sebold’s memoir Lucky.  In both, “characters” don’t act in  smart ways.  Situations are not easily compartmentalized or neatly bound.  Whether this is or is not more lifelike really isn’t the question.  That it is the reality Sebold gives us consistently is what matters in the context of her books.*  Therefore, I can’t fault her main character in The Almost Moon for doing the things she does.  And I think readers have forgotten that that is the fictional world Sebold gives us.  The Lovely Bones was grim, but hopeful.  The Almost Moon is simply grim and I can deal with that.

*In contrast to many other books, movies, TV shows where characters act rationally, logically, and with intelligence…until it’s called on them to be stupid for the sake of plat.  Consistency one way or the other is all that I ask.

*** ** *** ** *** ** *** ** ***

Hey look, I’m one book away from tying last year’s Number of Books Read.  I might actually *gasp* make my goal of 30!

But for now, I think I’m going to put on a movie and vegetate.  My hands and feet ache today, probably due to the high pressure in the Valley.  I’d really like to go play some disc, but alas I don’t think Eric would get back in time to play, or even want to after several days of playing multiple games per day.

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Bravo’s The 100 Scariest Movie Moments Meme. If you’ve seen the movie put it in italics, if you’ve seen it & own it bold it 😀 If it’s a remake I’ve made a note, if it doesn’t say “remake” assume it’s the original 🙂

100. 28 Days Later
99. Creepshow
98. Zombie
97. Cat People
96. The Birds
95. Jurassic Park
94. Child’s Play
93. Pacific Heights
92. Village of the Damned
91. Shallow Grave
90. Night of the Hunter
89. Alice Sweet Alice
88. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)
87. Black Christmas (1974)
86. Wizard of Oz
85. Blood & Black Lace
84. Blue Velvet
83. The Others
82. Terminator
81. The Howling
80. Poltergeist
79. Dracula
78. The Brood
77. Signs
76. Evil Dead — Bruce Campbell, Baby!
75. Candyman
74. Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory
73. Blood Simple
72. Them!
71. The Sixth Sense
70. The Stepfather
69. Re-Animator
68. The Black Cat
67. Duel
66. The Tenant
65. Marathon Man
64. Near Dark
63. Deliverance
62. The Wolf Man
61. The Devil’s Backbone (In my queue waiting to be watched.)
60. The Beyond
59. Fatal Attraction
58. Cujo
57. House of Wax
56. Single White Female
55. The Vanishing (I’ve only seen the remake.)
54. The Changeling
53. Demons
52. The Phantom of the Opera
51. The Dead Zone
50. The Last House on the Left
49. Diabolique
48. The Thing (1982)
47. Nosferatu
46. The Sentinel
45. The Wicker Man (1975)
44. The Game
43. It’s Alive!
42. An American Werewolf in London
41. The Hills Have Eyes
40. Black Sunday
39. Dawn of the Dead
38. Peeping Tom
37. House on Haunted Hill
36. Cape Fear
35. Aliens
34. The Hitcher
33. The Fly
32. Pet Sematary
31. Friday the 13th
30. Blair Witch Project
29. Serpent and the Rainbow
28. When a Stranger Calls
27. Frankenstein
26. Seven
25. Phantasm
24. Suspiria
23. Rosemary’s Baby
22. Don’t Look Now
21. Jacob’s Ladder
20. The Ring (remake)
19. Hellraiser
18. The Haunting
17. A Nightmare on Elm Street
16. The Omen
15. Freaks
14. Halloween
13. Scream
12. Misery
11. Audition
10. Wait Until Dark
9. Night of the Living Dead
8. Carrie
7. Silence of the Lambs
6. Shining
5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
4. Psycho
3. Exorcist
2. Alien
1. Jaws

Heh, quite a list from someone who said yesterday that she doesn’t enjoy horror films.

Hit the library sale this morning and picked up four books: Great Short Works of Willa Cather, The Impressionists at First Hand, Barbara Hambly’s Renfield novel, and Between Good and Evil: A Master Profiler’s Hunt for Society’s Most Violent Predators.  I now want to sit down and gobble up books.  I also could not resist stopping at Mervyn’s and getting another pair of jeans.  And a shirt.  Oh, come on!  It was a $4 shirt, and it goes with my green pants!  Lunched with Kumi.

And Eric called!  He was in better spirits than I expected.  I’m glad he’ll be home tomorrow.

I’ll probably do my writing tomorrow.  Maybe.  Eric didn’t exactly get his homework done like he said he would either, so it’s going to be a busy Monday for us.

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Had a nice dinner with Reif.  Four Peaks was crazy busy, so we ended up eating at the bar.  We confused our original beer orders, but all was good.  I’m comfortably tipsy.

Probably missed Eric’s call.  Kind of wanted to talk to him, but it’s already midnight there.  Not that I have his phone number.  I fear that he’s also without internet and therefore hasn’t checked his email.  Or has internet, and hasn’t checked his email…

Been working on my personal / work webpages instead of writing.  It needs to be done, but is a bit of wank.